In a renovated rustic barn on their large berry farm, the Pennington family all work together to produce a wonderful variety of berry jams and "old school" style baked goods, as well as their fresh berries in season.  This 90-acre farm and bakery is located in the heart of the beautiful Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon.  With a commitment to only using the freshest and finest of ingredients, the "true family farm products are well-known and always a "sell-out" at the farmer's markets throughout the Valley.


Being a "true family farm", the whole family work together to grow, pick, process, bake and jam the berries into the freshest, most wonderful baked goods and jams available.  All of the berries are grown herbicide-free, and the baked goods are all made "from scratch", using only the freshest ingredients available.  The bakery and farm market are open almost year round, and their products are available at the farmer's markets in Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass, as well as specialty shops throughout the area. 


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We thank you for supporting our family farm and buying locally grown foods.  Your patronage allows us to keep farming!

Our family wishes you and yours, All the Best!

Contact Us:

11341 Williams Highway
Grants Pass, OR

Directions from:
Grants Pass
- Jacksonville

The Story
  There once was a boy named Sam,
Who grew up in the surf and the sand.

To the mainland he headed,
on his journey in life & ended up finding his wife.

The couple got married & had quite a clan.
Sam said "let's leave the city for a simpler life,"
So to the farm they headed hand-in-hand.

"Let's grow lots of berries for our muffins, jam and ice cream too. Flowers are nice for the table,
so let's grow a field or two." With the help of family & friends, and especially the Lord God above;
They weed, pick, bake and jam, and in doing, have found this country life is what they love.

 Hope you enjoy the fruits of our Labor.

Thoughts of the islands always in their heart, the Pennington family send a warm Aloha your way. With hopes of catching you on the farm, or the waves! Farm on!  

The Pennington Family