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Berry Types

Black Raspberry/Blackberry cross. Introduced along the River Tay in Scotland in 1977. Top Seller!
Heirloom blackberry from 1880’s. Pennington family favorite.
Boysenberry blackberry cross.
Big. Blue. YUM!
Heirloom blackberry from 1880’s. Perfect berry - not too sweet/not too tart. Our favorite pie berry.
Loganberry, Olallieberry cross. Introduced in Marion County in the 40’s. Well known and loved Oregon berry.
Cascade Berry
Sweet heirloom blackberry.
Large sweet heirloom blackberry.
Close to a wild blackberry, but much better!
Golden Raspberry
Sweeter raspberry with less tang. And yes, it is golden!
Cherry Berry
Delicious blackberry
Big. Red. YUM!


Our delicious berries are available seasonally. Our berry season usually lasts from early June, all the way to October. In that season, the berries will be available at our bakery and at the several weekly growers' markets we attend. On Tuesdays, we are in Ashland at the Ashland Armory parking lot. Thursdays, we are in Medford at the Medford armory. Finally, on Saturdays, we are in two locations. We are on Oak Street in downtown Ashland as well as on F Street in downtown Grants Pass. If your you are interested in our berries year round, we have frozen options that are available at the bakery.